Obama’s America analyzes Barack Obama's call to transform our national identity. His definition of America emphasizes unity while being fully inclusive of all Americans. A country’s national identity is a living organism, and Obama hopes to redefine ours in a subtle yet fundamental way.

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From Obama’s America: Speaking more broadly, this country has the opportunity to demonstrate to the world that a society of many ethnic groups can truly become one people. Whether President Obama succeeds in transforming our national identity will help determine if we live in a world consisting of societies that are both diverse and unified, or fundamentalist societies that seek to impose homogeneity through repression and force. The stakes could not be any higher.

“With lively prose and interpretive precision, Ian Reifowitz reveals the forty-fourth president’s pivotal role in the remaking of American identity. Obama’s America is one of those rare works of history that should enlighten the future as well as it explains something of great significance about the past.” 
—Michael Kazin, author of American Dreamers: How the Left Changed a Nation, professor of history, Georgetown University

“This is social science at its best. The book focuses on the President but employs insights into his identity as an individual to provide a penetrating and novel view of our identity as a people.” – Amitai Etzioni, Author of The New Golden Rule, University Professor, George Washington University.

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